Tuesday, February 23, 2010


1)Is sport healthy?
2)Do you like sport?
3)What sport do you like?
4)Do you like olympic games?
5)Is sport importing?
6)Do you play sport games with your friends?
7)What sport do you think better, football, basketball or volleyball?
8)Do you watch sport on TV?
9)What is your favorite spots star?
10)Do you know who is the fastest man in the world?

Roman Koroljov and Daniel Shashlov.


  1. Danja, thank you very much for the questions you've sent. Let's correct some mistakes before making the forms./Is going in for sport healthy? The Olympic Games is written with the capital letter, Important, spelling is incorrect,Do you know who the fastest man in the world is?/ Thank you for the attention.

  2. Danja, thanks for the questions. Please, correct some mistakes.The Olympic Games/with the capital letter, important/The second step is to send the form to the classmates to collect the information/

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