Thursday, February 25, 2010

My project

Aim of my project
I decided to choose the theme to find out where my classmates live in a house or in a block of flats. How much time they spend with their families and what sort of thing they do together.

I am going to ask my classmates 12-15 questions about their homes and families. Then I sum up their answers and show the results of the questionnaire in my project.

Useful words.
Block of flats - a tall building with lots of flats or offices
Terrace house - a row of houses that are all joined together
Detached house - not joined to any other house
Convenient - if something is convenient you can use it easily
Comfortable - if you are comfortable you are relaxed or it is something pleasant to use
Modern conveniences – central heating, hot water, bath and shower etc
Cosy – a cosy place is warm and comfortable
Furniture – things such as beds and tables that you need inside a house

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  1. Alice, thanks for your presentation. Print the questions and ask the classmates to answer them. It woold be nice to add your photo. Please, send me the questions to check them up.