Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1 step

автор:Тимофей Бабушкин
тема:Изучать англ.язык удовольствие

I chose this theme because this theme can explain that people need English so they could talk with other people in other countries. English
is the language that unites the world. Most of the people speak English.

I would be happy if some of our students would start reading
because they don't read that well. But we are very lucky to have such a teacher like Ludmila Sein. So I am sure that something will be better for some kids, well at least I hope the reading of the students will become better.

I can say that I chose this theme not because of the theme, but because of English. Because I think that people need English and that English is cool so I hope that peple know that they need it. :D.

Google.com is one of the most famous internet search engines in the history of the internet. Google has many functions like navigation or the translator. But there is also a nice thing in the internet called Wikipedia. It doesn't have all of the functions of Google, but some of them are better. And finally, the gmail, which was created by Google.
The key words are: internet,english, library, goole.com, humanity.

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  1. Dear Timofey, Thank you very much for your writing. But you have to correct all the mistakes. /I-is written with the capital letter. Because, very, finally,the English language, read better,etc./ The second part of writing doesn't discover the topic. /don't use it/ You are writing a serious presentation, pay attention to every word. Send your picture. The Flag must be British, not American. Please, correct. Ljudmilla Shein