Tuesday, April 20, 2010

task 3

Subject: Family

Date: April, 15, 2010

Age of students: 11-12 years



I interviewed 29 students in my class about their families. Here are the results:



  • In most of the families of the 5th and 6th class forms there are more than 3 members.


  • In every family fathers work among the questioned students.


  • In most of the families (80%) the women work the rest are housewives.


  • The most popular activities  at home (among the pupils) are playing computer games, watching TV and doing homework. The most popular activity at school is studying. Traveling is the most popular during the holidays.


  • Half of the questioned students have brothers or sisters and the others are single children.


  • Most of  the students live in a flat, and some of them live in private houses.


  • The students like fast food restorants but they visit them very seldom.


  • The students like watching TV but most of them are too busy to watch it long.


  • The students prefer watching action, comedy and science fiction films.



It was rather interesting for me to know how my classmates in Estonia live. I think, it is similar to Hungarian children.



  1. Dear Balint. Thanks for the presentation.It's well done. Only in the word TRAVELLING write TWO TTs. Soon in May You will represent your work at school.

  2. Dear Balint, I've been mistaken.Instead of TWO LLs I wrote TWO TTs. Greatfully sorry.