Saturday, March 13, 2010


I made up the follow questions to get the information on the topik from my school friends;

1) Is you family full?1) yes 2) no
2) How many children are there?1) 1 2) 2 3) more than 2
3) How often do you help your parents?1) always 2) sometime 3) never
4) How often do parents pay attention to you?1) always 2) sometime 3) never
5) How often do you quarrel with parents?1) always 2) sometime 3) never
6) How often you spend togelther time? 1) always 2) sometime 3) never
7) DO you know your family tree?1) yes 2) no


  1. Dear Aleksa, please, correct grammar 1.Is your family full? 2.How many children are there?3,4,5. How often do you/your parents pay attention to yo u? Thanks for attention.

  2. Dear Sasha, thanks for the questions. Please, correct some mistakes./sometimes, how often do you spend time together?/ Thanks, try to bring the questions to ask the classmates.